How to update an order

From the Order detail page in your Shopify admin click "Update Order" from the dropdown menu as seen below.

Once inside the app we can start to edit the order.

Editing Order Items

Adding an item

Select "Add an item from your store" from the "Add an item to the order" dropdown menu.

Here we search for a product from the search field.

Adding a custom item

Select "Add a custom item" from the "Add an item to the order" dropdown menu.

Add a custom product title, price and quantity. You can also optionally add a custom variant and SKU to the order.

Edit Tax or Shipping Details

To edit existing shipping or tax lines just click the existing line or select an option from the "Add tax or shipping line" dropdown menu.

Edit customer details

A customer's email, shipping and billing addresses can be changed by clicking the edit buttons on each section.

Edit general order details

The order number, date and additional notes for the order can also be changed.

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